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Carrot Top and Caramel Apple by Puu-aj-chan Carrot Top and Caramel Apple by Puu-aj-chan
For celebration of new AJ's episode with her own song (Own now means shared with whole Apple family), I decided to make another fanart. Hepeeyayey! It's Caramel Apple, who come back for Apple family reunion, complaining about the rate of recognition of fellow ponies.

I have noticed quite some time ago that CT and CA looks kind of alike, welp, they are exastly the same minus the cutie mark, but for long time I was telling myself "another blooper or something", until yesterday (while I was watching Apple family reunion) it finally accured to me! They are TWINS! My god, twins!
Caramel Apple is probably not living in Ponyville, because she is seen mostly on Apple Family Reunions (except The Last Roundup, where is she welcoming AJ, I suppose CA was simply visiting.) And that's why we get to mostly see Carrot Top (she lives in Ponyville, MLP takes story in Ponyville, easy peasy)... but if Caramel Apple moved for example to Canterlot, it would mean that the pony at Celestia's partys and all those events was in fact Caramel Apple for all that time and we didn't see bacause of her dress! And when we see Carrot Top outside Ponyville, she's visiting her family, which is Apple family!
And the whole theory makes even more probable the fact that in Apple family is this one stallion called Hayseed Turnip Truck, whose cutie mark is turnips. Root veggies all the way!
Gee, I am feeling like Columbus. (Because somepony have discovered this for sure a way sooner... :( Never mind.)

(And I yet again forgot to credit authors of cutie marks, Caramel Apple's is from rildraw and I don't remember where I took Carrot's from, but it ain't mine.)
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December 22, 2012
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